Flame Blue Low Pressure Acrylic Turquoise Dark Colour Graffiti Spray Paint - FB 674 (400ml)

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"One of the most famous graffiti sprays on the global market is produced in Greece" One of the most complete and highest quality graffiti products in the world. 100% acrylic paint. Ideal for fine art, designs, models and mock-ups. Special valve technology to prevent dripping. Highly resistant to weather conditions. Accurate spraying even in the most difficult conditions. Perfect colour match with the donut. With its excellent opacity and low-pressure adjustment FLAME™ BLUE is the perfect graffiti spray can for a precise application. Available in 120 colours.


  • Matte Effect (exceptions chrome, gold & copper)
  • 100% acrylic resin
  • Stencil lid
  • Low odour
  • Excellent opacity and UV-resistance
  • Fast drying
  • Doesn’t drip
  • Fade and chip resistant
  • High weather resistance and colour stability
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Precise application
  • Colour-indicating donut
  • Compatible with FLAME™ ORANGE
  • Does not contain lead
  • 120 colours
  • 400ml


Ideal for fine art, designs, models and mock-ups. Suitable for DIY or professional use on: wood, stone, concrete, marble, metal, aluminium, ceramics, fabric, paper and others.


FLAME™ BLUE is compatible with multiple actuators/ nozzles giving you the freedom to choose which nozzle works best for you. The can comes with a standard free nozzle. 


– Fine spray
– Soft spray touch
– Ideal for details
– No drips


Shake the container at least 3 minutes after you hear the mixing ball. Before the first use, spray it in the air for 3-4 seconds to remove any condensed colour. After use, turn the aerosol upside down and press the actuator for 2-3 seconds to clean the valve. If the nozzle is blocked, replace it with a new one. Select the valve according to your desired application, the black valve system for wide spray and large surfaces or the white actuator for fine spray, small surfaces, and details. Optimal application at temperature: 10-25°C and humidity below 65% ensures proper drying. Storage 05-35°C.


  • Choose a well-ventilated area and place the object you want to paint over a protection sheet like newspaper, cardboard or a nylon sheet.
  • Always wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye/face protection.
  • Ensure that the surface you want to paint is clean, dry, and free of loose spots or grease.
  • Mask areas that you do not want to be painted with a paper tap.
  • Suitable for areas that need detailed painting, spray distance of 4-5 cms.

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