Fevicryl Fabric Acrylic Colour 15 ml No-64 Deep Brilliant Purple, Pack of 2

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  • VIBRANT SHADES - The paint presents fresh and vibrant hues that will make your artwork look radiant and bright. You can mix and match various colours to make new colours and experiment with the same
  • QUICK-DRYING - The colours are crafted in a manner such that once applied on the surface it quickly dries off and becomes dense and brilliant once completely dry
  • VERSATILE - This easy-to-use acrylic paint can be used on any surface with relative ease. These surfaces include the likes of canvas, wood, earthenware, stone, thermocol, metal, leather, glass and so many more surfaces
  • WATER-SOLUBLE - This colours kit consists of vibrant colours which are water-soluble, which means you can mix it with water to adjust the consistency. And, once dry they become water-resistant
  • PERFECT GIFT - A acrylic color kit is an excellent gift for your baby, friend's kid, adult, and anyone who loves painting. It's made from high-quality ingredients

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