Daler-Rowney System3 Acrylic Colour Medium Special Effects Set (5x75ml)

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  • Pearlescent Tinting is heavy bodied which, when mixed with acrylic colour, will retain the same consistency as the pure colour. You can see the paint really start to shimmer as it dries. It works well with all colours but really transparent colours enhance the effect.
  • Impasto Gel Matt/Gloss Mix either of these with acrylic paint are used as an extender for a more economical use of colour on large impasto areas. The gel retains the intended stroke of brush or knife. If used in moderation, it has a minimal effect on the opacity of colour.
  • Slow Drying Gel Slows down the drying time of acrylic paint. Slow Drying Gel is added directly to the paint and thoroughly mixed on the palette. Increasing proportions of retarder to colour will increase transparency and reduce the viscosity of the colour. Drying times vary according to conditions.
  • Glaze Medium Gloss By mixing 90% Daler-Rowney Glaze Medium with 10% acrylic paint it produces a transparent glaze for painting.
Paint Type Acrylic
Brand Daler Rowney
Product Type Special Effect set
Size 5x75 ml

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