Camel Artist Water Colour (Cakes) Set Of 18 & 1 Brush (300-C-18) 18 Assorted

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  • Creates delicate and light paintings
  • Highly transparent effects
  • High-quality pigment for greater vibrancy and long life
  • Ideal to Paint  landscapes, floral life studies, portraits, and more
  • 100% vegan
  • Fast drying time
  • Items included in the Package: Box of Water Colour Cake 18 shades with 1 Brush
  • 18 shades of colour contains: Cobalt Blue Hue(056), Cerulean Blue Hue(071), Ultramarine Blue(436), Emerald Green(117), Sap Green(391), Viridian Hue(453), Gamboge Hue(153), Lemon yellow(236), Yellow ochre(492), Black(016), orange(283), Light red(241), Scarlet(393), Crimson(061), Burnt sienna(031), Burnt Umber(032), Raw Umber(367), White(478)


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