Camel Artist Water Colours- Assorted Pack of tubes, 24 Shades in 5ml

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  • Set of 24 assorted shades in 5ml tube ideal for professional artists, serious hobbyists, fine art students, design students, vocational training students
  • Shades in Pack: Sap green, raw umber, emerald green, burnt sienna, cobalt blue hue, raw sienna, Prussian blue, ivory black, light red, Chinese white, crimson lake, scarlet lake, vermilion hue, Naples yellow, permanent orange, Camlin blue, yellow ochre, Indian yellow, gamboge hue, olive green, lemon yellow, cerulean blue hue, burnt umber, Payne's grey
  • Highly transparent effects
  • High-quality pigment for greater vibrancy and long life
  • Ideal to paint landscapes, floral life studies, portraits, and more
  • 100% vegan
  • Conforms to safety standard ASTM- AP certification
  • Formulated using only the finest quality ingredients to ensure maximum purity, transparency, and clear tones
  • The even texture of color, the richness of hue, and uniformity in various tonal values are the hallmarks of Camel Artists' Water Colors

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