Camel Artist Oil Colour 120 ml Magenta 251

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  • Camel Artists’ Oil Colours are reputed for purity, quality, and reliability. They contain the maximum pigment content, are microscopically ground, and are combined with non-yellowing oils and a unique plasticizer to give a smooth, non-cracking film with a brush or palette on canvas. They are available in 67 brilliant shades.
  • All shades are available in 20ml, 60ml, and 120ml tubes. A fast-drying, multi-purpose, multi-surface medium, which can accommodate most foreign textures.
  • Bright, glossy, and long-lasting finish. Water-soluble colours suitable for a wide range of surfaces including canvas.
  • High pigmentation ensures unmatched brilliance, coverage, and lightfastness.
  • Easy to use, carry and store with long shelf life. Safe and non-toxic confirming globally accepted ASTM (AP non-toxic) certification.
  • Superior effects with high-quality pigments and greater pigment load
  • To be used on primed canvas/paper only
  • Must be used with Linseed Oil as primary medium
  • Can be used in impasto, glaze and wash techniques
  • Ideal for 'Wet in Wet' blending
  • '‘Fat Over Lean’ technique offers the best results and long life- The base coat should have a minimal amount of oil medium while the subsequent coats will gradually increase the ratio of oil to shade
  • 100% vegan
Paint Type Oil
Surface Recommendation Canvas
Brand Kokuyo Camlin Ltd
Colour Magenta 251
Net Quantity 120.00 ml
Working Time High
Drying Time Slow, May vary on shades, application, medium, weather conditions, and surface
Shade Magenta
Shade Code 251
Series Number 3
Pigment Code PV 23, PR 122
Transparency Semi Transparent, Balanced shades that offer both boldness and visibility of the background.

C, Better Permanency can be achieved if used in Mass Tone or not used in Reduced and Wash Tone with shades that have a Permanency rating of B and C

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