Stationerie Artists’ Synthetic Mops Set Of 4 Phantom Matte Edition

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Introducing Stationerie Studio Vegan Mops Set Of 4 (0 2 4 8)

Stationerie studio synthetic series are made of artist quality bristles that work best on watercolor, gouache, poster, acrylic, fabric. This set of painting brushes texture fine and soft which are made of synthetic material with permium wooden handles.

2. These multi-purpose brushes are suitable for use with acrylics, watercolor, gouache, inks,water-mixableoils, and all water-based media.

3. They are perfect for every type of painter: still life, landscape, illustrative and more. 4. These top-quality brushes are the choice of artists, hobbyists, students, beginning painters, and bargain hunters. Many painting lovers are addicted to the beautiful appearance and good quality. The perfect brush for the value-minded consumer. Synthetic filaments last longer than natural bristles. Natural bristles are preferred for watercolor, acrylic, and oil-based paints and varnishes, while synthetic brushes are better for water-based paints as the bristles do not expand when wet. It is very easy to clean. After use, you only need to wash with warm soapy water and reshape the shape of the paintbrush head and then dry it in the shade. Miniatures, fine-tipped miniature brushes allow you to do fine detail painting precisely to reach tight,Very suitable for painting art, oil, watercolor, acrylic, enamel, gouache paints. or body, nail and face art painting· Fine-tipped miniature brushes allow you to do fine detail painting precisely to reach tiny points,Perfect for fine details and lines, delicate areas, spotting and retouching.

These Paint Brushesmade of Artist CLASS SYNTHETIC which is Very strong and will not shed hair easily and also has a long service life.

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