ARCHES Watercolour Cold Pressed Block WHNA 20 Sheet Block GSM 300, Size 20 cm x 20 cm

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  • Arches Watercolor Paper is the highest quality professional watercolor paper.
  • Watercolor paper that is resistant to changes in quality and maintains a faithful depiction of the artist's sensibility.
  • 100% cotton for superior durability and absorbency.
  • It has the texture of a hand strained mold made (circular mesh strain).
  • This is a unique product with gelatin type sizing agents inside and out.
  • Each fiber has a uniform texture and absorbency.
  • High surface strength, anti-pilling
  • Pigment does not penetrate inside the paper, giving the pigment a more glossy and transparent.
  • Acid-free paper that meets ISO9706 (as defined as permanent paper standards).
  • No fluorescent whitening agents that can cause yellowing or deterioration.
  • Acid-free paper, alkaline treatment, mildew resistant, four-sided paste

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